CGB services

  • You have your doubts that delivering the project scope will unlock the value that you need
  • Your project is going through a crisis and you want to recreate momentum.
  • You are a project manager and want to gain back control on the project requirements.
  • You are an IT manager and want to develop business analysis skills in your department.
  • You are a consultancy boutique and needs a one-shot support for your client
  • You are a business analyst and need help now or want to bring your skills one level up.

We can assist you. We already did it elsewhere, with great results.

CGB mission 2

So many institutions are facing large project failure today. We can help you avoid it by putting the focus on trust and understanding. This is very concretely translated in open dialogue and strong requirements process. This pragmatic approach is especially powerful to bring out the “white spaces”.

Our approach relies on our past results and on industry research that identifies user involvement, clear statement of requirements and realistic expectations among the highest IT project success criteria. And business analysts (or whatever name that role is called in your organisation: business architect, requirement engineer, system analyst, product owner or manager), are key players to meet those criteria.

Other IT success criteria are also at play, and that’s the reason why you need a strong Project Manager-Business Analyst pair.

Our results? Value is unlocked and stakeholders satisfaction. All of them. Exhaustivity is in our genes.

CGB vision

CGB believes that institutions relying on sophisticated automated processes need business analysts to acquire the agility they need to go where they want in a complex and uncertain world.

CGB wants to promote business analysis as a profession, like architecture, testing and project management are in their own right. We follow in that respect the recommendations and guidelines of the IIBA. Our other sources of inspiration come from System Thinking, Agile, Lean, Non Violent Communication and the coaching approach of the ICF.

CGB is fond of building relationships with fellow Business Analysts. Idea? Issue? Let’s talk now!

CGB differences

  • Engagement
  • Respect
  • Open and permanent dialogue
  • Accountability

At least, that’s what our clients say of us.

Feel free to contact us for an open conversation or a quote.